New year, new launch

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So! The news is out, and when better than the start of a new year…

Since the end of the summer, when I had that first lightbulb moment, I’ve been working hard on bringing to fruition a brand new magazine for the piercing industry: The Sharp End.

With the goal of helping UK piercers, apprentices, jewellery specialists, counter staff, studio owners and managers to develop both professionally and personally; showcasing amazing achievements in the industry; and enjoying plenty of fun along the way, this bi-monthly publication will be packed with informative and entertaining content created especially for you – and with your help, because there’ll be lots of opportunities to contribute.

The best part (well, for me anyway – and hopefully for you too!) is that it’s a print magazine, designed to give you a moment away from the screens, technology and constant pings of modern work and social life. If you’re a piercing professional based in the UK, why not take advantage of a free subscription from the get-go, by signing up here? The launch issue will be winging its way out in February, and I simply cannot wait to share it with you all.

Let’s go, 2023!

Louise Hoffman

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